The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership is a social business builder that brings entrepreneurial solutions to global poverty.

We build from scratch, invest start-up capital, and manage agribusinesses that work with smallholder farmers and fishers. We work to improve their livelihoods by providing the tools they need – from training and financing to technology and innovation – and connecting them to markets where they can prosper.

We improve the livelihoods of farmers and farming communities by improving agricultural productivity, creating job opportunities, and facilitating long-term market linkages so they can prosper. Across our agribusinesses, we have impacted more than 13,000 farmers and farm workers, generating more than $38m in farmer income as of mid-2019.

We offer large companies and retailers high quality local products sustainably sourced from local farmers at competitive prices. We are a one-stop solution tailored to buyers’ needs and eliminate the multiple tiers of intermediaries who traditionally reduce farmer incomes and drive up prices to buyers.

We offer impact investors a pipeline of tried and tested social investment opportunities supported by best-in-class teams. We are working with partners find new early stage replication opportunities.

We offer philanthropists the opportunity to support high-impact social businesses that actually guarantee market linkages and ensure sustainable livelihood improvements for poor communities, supported by rigorous M&E.