Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation – Sinous Chavre, Haitian Farmer

Haiti - Farmer Sinous Chavre

Sinous Chavre is a 76-year-old Haitian farmer who has been working with Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation (“Acceso”) for one year and six months. He owns four hectares of land that he uses to plant peanuts, bananas, corn, cassava, and lemon. He learned about CGEP’s program through Acceso staff who visited his town while conducting farmer outreach efforts.

Before joining Acceso’s training program, Sinous had a hard time securing seeds and credit. Since joining the program however, Sinous shared with us that he now has access to quality seeds, training, and fertilizer, and has the opportunity to work with two Acceso agricultural technicians, Guilnave and Blanc. Farmers like Sinous are provided with inputs such as seeds on credit; the cost of the inputs is deducted from the price of peanuts that Acceso pays the farmers at the end of each season.

Acceso has helped to increase Sinous’ monthly income by 40 percent so far, allowing him to provide for his family and to cover the cost of his children’s education.

“Being part of Acceso means that I do not need to work another job or find an alternate source of income to support my family. My biggest dream is to always be able to provide for them. I wish for this program to continue so that more farmers can be helped to increase their incomes.”