Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation – Chadwick Vaillant, Finance Manager

Chadwick Vaillant

Driven by an immense sense of purpose and strong desire to serve Haiti particularly due to his Haitian heritage, Chadwick Vaillant applied to work for CGEP’s Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation (“Acceso”) – twice. He did not obtain the position the first time he applied. He persisted the following year and assumed one of the most challenging and rewarding roles of his career. Chadwick has been the finance manager for the past 10 months. Before assuming this role, Chadwick was interim general manager for four months. Prior to joining Acceso, Chadwick worked for Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. including Bloomberg and Intel Corporation where he acquired experience in IT, sales, and financial analytics.

“Working for large corporations in the past, if I decided to leave one day, they would just find someone else to take over my place. The decisions I make at Acceso have a long lasting impact. As finance manager, I have to make sure we are prepared to win the market, from making sure we have the funds to operate to ensuring we have enough product to fulfill our purchase agreements.”

 Chadwick affirms that his experience with Acceso allowed him to realize the importance of the type of company you work for. In his previous jobs, he felt no connection to the end product. At Acceso, Chadwick knows that his success is directly correlated to the success of the farmers. “The better I do [my job], the better they will end up.”

Although the transition to Acceso was challenging – prior to Acceso, Chadwick had no experience in agriculture nor any experience working in an environment where many things are out of your control – he is grateful for his job and for being able to help farmers maximize their potential.

“We are helping farmers become more ambitious and successful planters. We give farmers a voice. Five years from now, I envision Acceso to be a ‘self-sustaining machine’ fueled by farmer collaboration and a deep sense of community; a business that allows farmers to invest additional income into their own families and ultimately lifts up the whole Haitian community.”