Improving the Value Chain: Cultivating the Land and Creating New Opportunities in Haiti.

This video was produced by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, showcasing interviews that they conducted with Acceso Haiti farmers. Acceso Haiti is our social business that was launched in 2014 to address the challenges and growing unmet demand for peanuts in Haiti. In partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, we are improving the lives of smallholder farmers and their families by providing economic opportunities and contributing to improved childhood nutrition in Haiti.

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Empoderando a mujeres emprendedoras con nuevas oportunidades de vida (video in Spanish)

Chakipi Colombia empowers women with new livelihood opportunities and bridges the gap between low-income communities and companies seeking to reach low-income consumers with their products.



Improving the livelihoods of farmers and fishers through social business in Colombia

Acceso Colombia is our farmer services and aggregation business in Colombia. The business started operating in the Caribe region with fishermen in 2013. In 2015, Acceso began working with smallholder farmers in Boyacá, and currently Acceso operates in Bolivar, Sucre, Córdoba, La Guajira, Boyacá, and Cauca, impacting lives of smallholder farmers and fishers.


Building sustainable networks of artisanal fishers in El Salvador

Acceso El Salvador expanded their work in 2016 to begin working with local fishers. Acceso trains them on sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices, introduces new technologies, and provides financing, then purchases the fish & seafood, processes it, and sells it to local supermarkets.


Empowering youth in Colombia

Our Acceso Training Center trains underserved youth and connects them with jobs in high growth industries such as in hospitality, commerce, ports and logistics, and technology sectors in Cartagena Colombia. Watch the video to hear the stories of some of our students.

Harvesting high quality produce

Boosting the local economy and empowering smallholders in El Salvador

Acceso El Salvador is changing the lives of smallholder farmers in El Salvador by helping them to improve the yield and quality of their produce, providing convenient collection centers for aggregation and processing, and selling the produce to local buyers such as Super Selectos, a national supermarket chain. The business is also boosting the local economy by providing buyers with the opportunity to source fresh, local produce, and creating local employment opportunities.


Empowering women in Peru through inclusive business

Hear from a few women about how Chakipi, our inclusive distribution business, has changed their lives.

Chakipi recruits women from low-income communities and trains them to become knowledgeable and confident entrepreneurs. Chakipi provides a broad basket of food, consumer goods, and pro-poor innovations like solar lamps on microcredit. The women sell these products, increasing their incomes, while consumers gain access to essential products that were previously unavailable.

Empowering over 13,000 beneficiaries in the next 10 years

Creating opportunity for smallholder farmers in Haiti

Watch the video to be transported to our farmer services & aggregation business in Haiti.

Acceso Haiti provides training, seeds, and fertilizers to smallholder farmers to improve their peanut yield and quality, purchases the peanuts at favorable, fixed prices, and then sells them to large buyers and the general market. The business recently expanded to include new crops including mango, sorghum, and castor.


CEO, Mark Gunton speaks at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

View this short video to watch our CEO, Mark Gunton speak at a plenary break out session at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. Addressing the topic of alleviating poverty at scale, particularly that of small farmers, hear Mark’s thoughts and feedback on how the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership is doing all they can to achieve this mammoth goal. 1:30:48

Bill Clinton Interview

Who We Are & What We Do

We believe there is great potential to enhance the economic and social benefits of marginalized communities by creating social enterprises in emerging economies and incorporating these individuals into one of our three market driven models – Distribution Enterprises, Supply Chain Enterprises, and Training Center Enterprises.  9:50

distribution enterprises

Distribution Enterprises

Our Distribution Enterprises close the market gap for last mile distribution by empowering and enabling unemployed and underemployed women in remote communities to create a door-to-door distribution network.  Each of these enterprises can be scaled to provide thousands of female entrepreneurs with skills training and income generation opportunities needed to support their families.  5:55

distribution enterprises

Distribution Enterprises: Beneficiary Story from the Field

Meet one of our beneficiaries, Carina Zavala. Carina is one of the female entrepreneurs from our Chakipi Distribution Enterprise in Apurimac, Peru. Prior to Chakipi, Carina was not able to secure a reliable source of income. As a Chakipi Entrepreneur, Carina is provided with skills training, and consigned products that she sells to remote populations, creating a life-changing impact for her and her family. The Enterprise Partnership plans to scale Chakipi to help thousands more women like Carina.  9:45

supply chain enterprises

Farmer Services & Aggregation Business

By removing all the barriers that small farmers typically face, our farmer services & aggregation businesses provide sustainable access to high value markets. We set up depots and collection centers around clusters of small farmers and provide them with fertilizer, seeds, and other inputs at scale-leveraged cost. The input costs are deducted from the payments they receive for their produce. This gets them out of their working capital trap. We train them in best agricultural practices and buy their produce. We aggregate this into quality controlled, reliable supply chains for large purchasers under contract. This guaranteed purchase ensures that our farmers immediately and directly benefit from the improved quality and quantity of their produce. We aim to double or triple small farmer yield and income. 4:22

training enterprise

Acceso Centro de Formacion (Vocational Training)

We create, scale, and oversee vocational training enterprises that bridge the gap between local businesses that have unmet demand for trained labor and the local community. Our training enterprises are designed with the specifications of the local businesses to train underserved youth with the exact skills that the businesses require.2:27