Indonesia- Nanang Armin, coconut sugar farmer

“We now have access to a stable market that offers competitive prices. We are also provided climbing necessities such as jerry cans, climbing plastic rope, lime chalk, and fertilizer at a lower cost and on credit.” Nanang Armin is a 37-year-old coconut tree climber from Bengkulu, Indonesia and Karmini is a 34-year-old cook. As a climber, Nanang harvests sap from… read more

Acceso Colombia – Willinton Marín, Wayuu fisher

Willinton Marín is a 32-year-old Wayuu fisher from La Guajira and the legal representative of the Asopeswa fishing association. “Our community, conformed mainly of artisanal fishers, decided to approach the Colombian government for their help. The government built a collection center equipped with refrigerators and adequate storage. Before, we would preserve the fish with salt until we could transport it… read more

Acceso El Salvador – Carlos Alberto Arriaza, Aquaculture Technician

A typical day for Carlos Alberto starts bright and early in the morning at Lago Llopango where Carlos examines and assures the health, quality, and quantity of the Tilapia being produced by the Viva Tilapia association. Carlos is a thirty-six-year-old aquaculture technician at Acceso El Salvador. He plays a key role supervising four separate projects and over fifty floating cages… read more

Acceso El Salvador – José Eleazar Ponce Vásquez, Aquaculture Technician

“My job consists of visiting and providing technical assistance to artisanal fishers in central El Salvador. I help test fishing equipment, provide logistical support including transporting the fish to the processing plant, and also support the fishers with commercializing their product in a fair and honest way. I immensely enjoy interacting with the fishers. I learn a lot from them… read more

Acceso El Salvador – Ulices Arturo Merchez, Fisher

“Sales were not constant. Sometimes we wouldn’t sell anything meaning that we weren’t able to recover our investment or spend more resources to obtain additional product.” These were some of the hardships faced by Ulices Arturo Merchez, a forty-eight-year-old fish farmer from El Salvador, before starting to work with Acceso. Ulices lives with eight family members, all of whom are… read more

Acceso El Salvador – Gloria Landaverde, Fisher

Gloria Landaverde is a thirty-four-year-old fish farmer who works around Ilopango Lake in San Salvador. She found out about Acceso’s work with fishers through a visit from Acceso staff.  “Before Acceso, commercialization opportunities were very scarce. There was no place to sell the fish and I didn’t recover what I invested. There came a time when I did not have… read more

Chakipi Colombia – Elcida Geney Duran, Entrepreneur

Elcida Duran with Arturo Vargas, Chakipi Colombia pilot manager For Elcida Duran, a fifty-five-year-old woman from the community of Torices in Cartagena, Chakipi was the means for her to a new livelihood. She used to own a small business selling clothes; however, when she was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago, she had to sell her sewing machine in… read more

Chakipi Colombia – Adenaida Iriarte, Entrepreneur

“Chakipi means an income and support for my family. I can buy the things that I need and that I couldn’t buy before joining the program such as personal care items.  In general, I do well. I enjoy the meetings with the other entrepreneurs. I’ve made a lot of new friends who also help me out. I sell my products… read more

Chakipi Colombia – Carlos Vélez, Operations Officer

From the time that Carlos Vélez heard about an opening with Chakipi, he was enthusiastic about joining the team. He had always wanted to work on social initiatives that would contribute to the development of Colombia. That, paired with the empowerment of women, sealed that decision. “For me, being part of Chakipi means being part of a team that seeks… read more

Chakipi Colombia – Sebastian Zapata, General Manager

Sebastian Zapata joined Chakipi Colombia eager to rapidly transform inclusive distribution in his home country, bringing extensive experience in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. His experience includes four years with Johnson & Johnson and eight years with Procter & Gamble, before joining Chakipi Colombia as General Manager in September 2016. “Always expect the unexpected. I come from large organizations where… read more

Chakipi Haiti – Guirlande Joseph and Marie Yolande Celestin, Female Entrepreneurs

Guirlande Joseph, 42, and Marie Yolande Celestin, 50, both from the Jalousie community in Petionville, Haiti, have been entrepreneurs with Chakipi for nearly one year. They learned about the program through other Chakipi entrepreneurs and decided to join. Marie Yolande: “From the moment I wake up, I tend to my business. I sell products from my home. I am grateful… read more

Chakipi Haiti – Guirlaine Simon, Field Officer

Thirty-year old Guirlaine Simon has a bachelor’s degree in accounting sciences and business management and has been with Chakipi for over a year. Guirlaine previously worked with Lee-Siane, the business’s general manager. Lee introduced her to Chakipi and got her interested in the idea of helping the women of her country realize their potential and help them become knowledgeable salespeople…. read more

Chakipi Haiti – Lee-Siane Jeager, General Manager

Lee-Siane Jeager, a native Haitian, is the general manager for Chakipi Haiti. Lee is passionate about Haiti and helping the people of her country. “In Haiti, people are always waiting for someone to give them something. I want to show the women that they can do it for themselves.” Being the general manager of an inclusive distribution business in a… read more

Acceso Colombia – Carmen Borda, Farmer

“I found out about Acceso through the visit of several agricultural engineers who told us about the desire of Acceso to improve the capacity of farmers in Boyacá.” Carmen works for the Agrocucaita Association of producers both as an associate and supplier of onions. She is 40 years old and lives with her 94-year-old father, 16-year-old son who is in… read more

Acceso Colombia – Zulma Alvarez, Farmer

Zulma is a 35-year-old farmer who has been working with Acceso for one year. She is the head of her family and works hard to provide for her two children – working both in agriculture and as a community caregiver – with children from infancy through five years old. She works with organic vegetables, organic lettuce, and spinach on her… read more

Acceso Colombia – Luis Humberto Cepeda, Agricultural Engineer

Thirty-five-year-old Luis Humberto Cepeda is an agricultural engineer for Acceso Colombia. He has had an extensive career in the agricultural sector having worked in numerous agribusinesses across Colombia, offering technical assistance to producers prior to joining Acceso. Luis’ first contact with Acceso was through the operation in Cartagena. Impressed by the work of the Clinton Foundation globally and what he… read more

Acceso Colombia – Nicolas Rodriguez, General Manager

Nicolas Rodriguez, the general manager for Acceso Colombia, is an entrepreneur at heart, having worked on the development of an agriculture family business prior to Acceso. He enjoys finding innovative and creative solutions to solve some of Colombia’s most complex challenges. He affirms that his role allows him to engage in creative ideation to eliminate some of the barriers impeding… read more

Acceso Training Center – Wendy Jiménez Montalvo, Student (Hotel Server)

Determination and optimism have provided Wendy Jiménez Montalvo with the means to confront the various challenges faced in her life thus far. Wendy comes from a family of seven brothers and sisters and at the young age of 22, she is a single mother who must find a way to support her two children. Wendy’s uncompromising love for them is… read more

Acceso Training Center – Carlos Villa Zabaleta, Merchandising Student

“Once I get to Acceso Training Center I spend time with my classmates, I am the class representative so I know everyone and spend time with everyone equally. But in class, I am just 100 percent concentrated, I really like the classes.” Carlos Villa Zabaleta is an 18-year-old student in the area of merchandising, noted by staff for possessing energy… read more

Acceso Training Center – Yirmar Palacios Quinto, Administrative Assistant

Though only 19 years old, Yirmar Palacios Quinto already has a year-and-a-half of experience working at the Acceso Training Center in Cartagena. From his undeniable enthusiasm, Yirmar seems to have a bright future ahead of him. However, he is quick to remember that this wasn’t always the case. Yirmar recalls that before he received the opportunity to study administrative assistance… read more

Acceso Training Center – Diana Barboza, General Manager

If there was one word to describe how Diana Barboza feels about her work, it would have to be passionate. Raised in the city of Cartagena, Diana decided to apply for the role of General Manager because she desired to be part of a process that allows young people to achieve their dreams through education. Diana holds a degree in… read more

Acceso El Salvador – Andres Baiza, General Manager

The far-reaching impacts Andres Baiza has produced as general manager for Acceso are felt in many ways, but most evidently, in the statistics. When Andres joined the enterprise in January of 2014, the popular Salvadorian supermarket Super Selectos imported about 90 percent of its produce. Now this figure has dropped significantly, and what remains is mostly due to the fact… read more

Acceso El Salvador – Jamie Torres, Agricultural Engineer

Jaime Torres has enjoyed a long career in agriculture, having worked on development projects with organizations including USAID and Fomilenio (Millennium Challenge Corporation), along with cultivating his own fruits and vegetables in both open and protected farming conditions. Although he previously knew about CGEP’s goal to support agricultural production in El Salvador, it wasn’t until he received a call from… read more

Acceso El Salvador – Cristian Esteban Cortez Guerra, Junior Agricultural Engineer

“What I like most about being part of Acceso is that it is a personal challenge to demonstrate the confidence they had in me when they offered me the position, and always giving the best that I can at work. I am grateful for CGEP and Acceso for creating an impact that is as social as it is economic.” Cristian… read more

Acceso El Salvador – Sandra Angélica Villeda de Fuentes, Farmer

Sandra Angélica Villeda de Fuentes is a 27-year-old Salvadorian farmer who grows güisquil (chayote squash) and broccoli. She has been working with Acceso for seven months and is the proud mother of two children who are currently in school. “I dream about providing my children with better access to education and helping others in my town so we can continue… read more

Chakipi Peru – Miguel de la Flor, General Manager

By 2014, at 42 years of age, Miguel de la Flor had had a successful career spanning various management roles at reputable Peruvian and international companies. His extensive experience included implementing sales and distribution channels in both mass consumption and direct sales companies including Telefonica, a leading global telecommunications company, Embotelladora Don Jorge, a major manufacturer and distributor of beverages… read more

Chakipi Peru – Arielle Dulberg, Fellow

It was while Arielle Dulberg was completing a Master’s in Public Administration at New York University and interning in President Clinton’s office when she heard about the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership. She was immediately drawn to women’s empowerment through social enterprise. Nearly a year into her fellowship with Chakipi Peru (“Chakipi”), Arielle shares her experiences and reflections. “Spending time with… read more

Chakipi Peru – Olga Colle Mosqueta, Entrepreneur Coach

Olga Colle Mosqueta is passionate about empowering women. She is one of Chakipi’s promotoras* (coaches) in Cusco who educates women in sales entrepreneurship, motivates them, and helps them understand the benefits that Chakipi can have on their livelihoods. Her favorite part of her job is sharing experiences with the entrepreneurs. “I really enjoy supporting them and walking with them, hearing… read more

Chakipi Peru – Benedicta Sihorn Huaman, Chakipi Entrepreneur

26-year-old Benedicta Sihorn Huaman used to sell goods at a local market in the small town of Urubamba, one hour away from Cusco, Peru. The income she earned was barely enough to purchase nutritious foods to feed her family of six. A year and a half ago, she met Olga, a promotora* (coach) who works with Chakipi entrepreneurs in the… read more

Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation – Chadwick Vaillant, Finance Manager

Driven by an immense sense of purpose and strong desire to serve Haiti particularly due to his Haitian heritage, Chadwick Vaillant applied to work for CGEP’s Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation (“Acceso”) – twice. He did not obtain the position the first time he applied. He persisted the following year and assumed one of the most challenging and rewarding roles of… read more

Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation – Eric Carroll, Operations Manager

With several years of experience working with NGOs and a master’s degree in international political economy, one thing Eric Carroll had learned was that NGOs were good at spending funds, but not always delivering on their promises. Because of that, he was deliberate in selecting where he would work after grad school. A friend suggested he look into CGEP and… read more

Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation – Sinous Chavre, Haitian Farmer

Sinous Chavre is a 76-year-old Haitian farmer who has been working with Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation (“Acceso”) for one year and six months. He owns four hectares of land that he uses to plant peanuts, bananas, corn, cassava, and lemon. He learned about CGEP’s program through Acceso staff who visited his town while conducting farmer outreach efforts. Before joining Acceso’s… read more

Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation – Roody Altidort, Field Manager

Roody Altidort is a field manager for Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation (“Acceso”) in the Central Plateau in Haiti. Prior to working for Acceso, Roody was a teacher and also worked for the nonprofit TechnoServe in its “Haiti Hope” mango program. From visiting Acceso’s aggregation depots* and overseeing the work of depot managers to transporting products between depots to training farmers,… read more

Expanding door-to-door sales in the developing world

In Mirebalais, Haiti, a line of women in blue aprons embroidered with the word Chakipi stood before Chelsea Clinton, vice chair of the Clinton Foundation. The Haitian entrepreneurs spoke in Creole about their experience with door-to-door sales of household products like spaghetti, shampoo and corn flakes. And Clinton, who traveled to Haiti along with Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala and supporters last week,… read more

One Woman Finds the Tools to Build Her Dream

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership’s Acceso Training Center provides vocational training and placement for individuals living in underserved communities in Cartagena, Colombia. Below is the story of one of the Center’s graduates. As Keissy Sanchez looks at the piece of land she has purchased and the walls that will soon house her family, she says, “Our dream is under construction.”… read more