Chakipi Peru – Olga Colle Mosqueta, Entrepreneur Coach


Olga Colle Mosqueta is passionate about empowering women. She is one of Chakipi’s promotoras* (coaches) in Cusco who educates women in sales entrepreneurship, motivates them, and helps them understand the benefits that Chakipi can have on their livelihoods. Her favorite part of her job is sharing experiences with the entrepreneurs.

“I really enjoy supporting them and walking with them, hearing about their problems and offering them the best support that I can… We give them the confidence to feel comfortable working with us.”

A typical day for Olga is heading to the field with the entrepreneurs in the morning, accompanying them for part of their sales route, collecting payments for products that have been sold (the products are originally provided on credit), and collecting product pre-orders. She then returns to the local Chakipi office and arranges for next day delivery on the order.

Olga believes remote rural areas are where Chakipi can have the strongest impact and highlights the importance of continuing to work there. She identifies the entrepreneurs as “fighters with a desire to keep moving ahead in life.” Her dream for Chakipi is that the business continues to listen and provide moral support for women, expands its training program, and increases the incomes of the entrepreneurs even more.

 In five years, I see Chakipi in even more villages and reaching more isolated rural areas than we are now. The rural areas really need us. We work with women who have suffered a lot and don’t know how to share or be open – they keep lots of painful things inside.  Chakipi can be an outlet for them.  I see more of a network between Chakipi women across all of the areas we are working in.”





*Promotoras provide coaching, motivational and business training, and sales support to the Chakipi entrepreneurs. Promotoras closely work with the women to place product orders, place them in the system and make sure they are delivered in a timely manner.