Many development programs serve the poor but often do not create sustainable value.

In recent years, there has been an impact investing wave and a shift towards businesses that generate both social and financial returns; however, there are a limited number of very high quality investment opportunities targeting the very poor. Many entrepreneurs in the space lack operational and specialist support systems to help them realize their full potential and many local entrepreneurs face inherent limitations in their ability to scale.

Despite an increased focus on sustainable sourcing and the willingness of many large companies to extend their supply and chains to smallholder farmers, they find it challenging and risky to transact with them directly. Companies only buy quality crops, produced according to strict standards, and require consistency, reliability, and scale.

By building our own agribusinesses from scratch, using a market-driven approach working with large companies, with value-added support from an expert central team, we are able to eliminate many of the risks and barriers that prevent social businesses focused on economic development from being successful.

By learning to become the best agribusiness builders, we can replicate easier and create synergies between our portfolio.