Acceso Colombia – Zulma Alvarez, Farmer


Zulma is a 35-year-old farmer who has been working with Acceso for one year. She is the head of her family and works hard to provide for her two children – working both in agriculture and as a community caregiver – with children from infancy through five years old. She works with organic vegetables, organic lettuce, and spinach on her land that is approximately one third of a hectare in size.

Zulma is a member of the Agroasofira Association of producers in the region of Boyacá. Before Acceso, she faced issues with commercializing her crops and having access to consistent technical assistance. Thanks to Acceso, she receives regular technical assistance from four agricultural engineers: Diego, Sebastian, Claudia, and Luis. She has also met other producers with whom she exchanges her newfound knowledge such as how to manage certain diseases.

“Since working with Acceso, my income has increased and I have had additional earnings that allow me to save money. My dream is to have a house for my family where we can live peacefully.”