Acceso El Salvador – Cristian Esteban Cortez Guerra, Junior Agricultural Engineer


“What I like most about being part of Acceso is that it is a personal challenge to demonstrate the confidence they had in me when they offered me the position, and always giving the best that I can at work. I am grateful for CGEP and Acceso for creating an impact that is as social as it is economic.”

Cristian Esteban Cortez Guerra is 26-year-old junior agricultural engineer from El Salvador. Prior to working with Acceso, Cristian served as a supervisor and quality analyst for a local rice production company, familiarizing himself with farmers in the area where Acceso operates. He was motivated to join Acceso’s team due to his genuine desire to help these farmers, but also because he views it as a unique learning opportunity. Cristian seeks to continue growing at Acceso, to acquire further skills and knowledge, and to be able to put this learning to use on a daily basis.

“The farmers show improvements in social and economic well-being to each [Acceso] agricultural engineer and are grateful that they have been taken into consideration. Coming and starting a company has created new employment opportunities and most importantly, they have been responsible with each of the farmers who previously had poor experiences with other companies.”

The first task for Cristian on a normal work day involves supervising and coordinating work in greenhouses that produce lettuce seedlings and sometimes other crops. He later visits farms to ensure that they are complying with standards of good agricultural practices and to provide assistance if crops are showing problems such as sicknesses or plagues. Cristian also carries out work essential to Acceso’s commercial success by scheduling harvests so that crops are available for sale on a weekly basis.

Although Cristian believes Acceso has produced significant impacts, he cites water shortages and crop plagues as obstacles that sometimes can make production more difficult. The solution, he says, is being closer to producers to immediately help them find solutions, and preventing problems from occurring in the first place. In the future, Cristian hopes that Acceso grows to provide even more support to farmers and that it becomes one of the largest businesses in the agricultural sector.

When asked about his dream for the future, Cristian responds “To be able to give my family a better quality of life, and keep working to be able to accomplish all of my personal expectations.”