Acceso El Salvador – Sandra Angélica Villeda de Fuentes, Farmer


Sandra Angélica Villeda de Fuentes is a 27-year-old Salvadorian farmer who grows güisquil (chayote squash) and broccoli. She has been working with Acceso for seven months and is the proud mother of two children who are currently in school.

“I dream about providing my children with better access to education and helping others in my town so we can continue to grow economically.”

Before joining Acceso, Sandra recalls that she did not have access to markets where she could sell her produce at a fair price and that she also lacked adequate technical knowledge for growing crops. After hearing about Acceso from her husband José Fuentes—who recently started producing new varieties of crops for a local Acceso collection center—she made the decision to join Acceso.

Sandra owns a plot of half a hectare and carries out most of the labor by herself, working 40 hours each week with the assistance of only one other employee.

“Thanks to the assistance provided by Acceso I have access to formal markets, credit and finance support, and technical assistance from two different agricultural engineers.”

The program has also allowed her to build a community by connecting her with other farmers in the area. Acceso has effectively served as a forum where farmers are able to share their experiences. She estimates that her monthly income has increased by 70 percent and affirms that Acceso has had a very positive impact on her life. As a result, Sandra is able to better financially contribute to her small farm and family home.

“We are grateful for the help that we are receiving. We have been able to work more efficiently. I hope Acceso will have an even larger impact in the future and continue to invest in greater economic growth [across El Salvador].”