Acceso El Salvador – Gloria Landaverde, Fisher


Gloria Landaverde is a thirty-four-year-old fish farmer who works around Ilopango Lake in San Salvador. She found out about Acceso’s work with fishers through a visit from Acceso staff.

 “Before Acceso, commercialization opportunities were very scarce. There was no place to sell the fish and I didn’t recover what I invested. There came a time when I did not have enough money to buy fish feed and I lost the little I had invested.”

Currently, she receives assistance from Carlos Arriaza, Acceso’s aquaculture technician. Gloria tells us about how Carlos teaches them to create production plans, manage fish feeding schedules, oversee production costs, and observe growth.

“Today we have a fixed buyer [Acceso], who pays a fair price for our produce and on a timely basis, we have technical assistance for the management of the fish, and available credit (financing) for growing production.”

Gloria estimates that she sells an average of $700 in tilapia to Acceso each month, whereas before she wasn’t sure how much she would be able to sell every month. Previously, most of her earnings went to household expenses with a minimal amount going towards investment into her aquaculture business. With the extra earnings she has had after working with Acceso, she has been able to purchase new floating cages and breed new fish to increase her production. For the future, Gloria hopes to purchase a vehicle so that she can distribute and sell fish in local markets to increase her sales.