Acceso El Salvador – Ulices Arturo Merchez, Fisher


“Sales were not constant. Sometimes we wouldn’t sell anything meaning that we weren’t able to recover our investment or spend more resources to obtain additional product.” These were some of the hardships faced by Ulices Arturo Merchez, a forty-eight-year-old fish farmer from El Salvador, before starting to work with Acceso.

Ulices lives with eight family members, all of whom are involved with Acceso’s fishing program in El Salvador.

“When we started working with Acceso, we were assigned to Carlos, an aquaculture technician who taught us about commercializing our products, feeding, fishing and farming techniques. He also showed us how to properly ration fish feed depending on size.  Sales are constant now, allowing us to pay the debt we’ve accumulated over the years and giving us the opportunity to invest in new equipment to increase and better our production and our incomes. Before working with Acceso I made close to $500 per month from tilapia sales. Today I can make as much as $800.”

 Ulices is also a farmer and works with maize and beans. He affirms that a big portion of his income goes towards his agriculture business. The extra money he makes from selling tilapia to Acceso is used to invest in equipment and materials to increase agricultural productivity.

“I dream about giving my family the best quality of life possible. I want to live debt-free and wish to use part of my income to invest in my agriculture and aquaculture businesses. I am grateful with Acceso for allowing me to work with them and increase my sales. This has allowed me to pay off my debt and improve the quality of life for me and my family.”