Acceso El Salvador – José Eleazar Ponce Vásquez, Aquaculture Technician


“My job consists of visiting and providing technical assistance to artisanal fishers in central El Salvador. I help test fishing equipment, provide logistical support including transporting the fish to the processing plant, and also support the fishers with commercializing their product in a fair and honest way. I immensely enjoy interacting with the fishers. I learn a lot from them and their fishing methods. I’m also able to identify their needs and provide support where they need it most.”

 This is how twenty-four-year-old José Eleazar Ponce Vásquez describes his role as aquaculture technician for fishers in El Salvador. He heard about the role through his educational institute and was attracted by the project’s mission to improve the Salvadorian fishing sector. Though highly grateful for his job, José Eleazar admits that “given prior instances where fishers have been tricked, it’s hard to establish trust with them and get them to believe in the benefits that working with us [Acceso] can bring them. For example, increased volumes, commercialization of their products, and better prices.”

Prior to joining Acceso, José Eleazar worked with several independent fishers. He encouraged them to form a fishing association in order to better themselves and the community. José Eleazar eventually became the President of the association and has since provided support with equipment and the renovation of shrimp ponds.

José Eleazar envisions Acceso as the leading fishing company in El Salvador with the highest quality and freshest products in the country at fair prices for consumers. He is certain that Acceso can help create a meaningful connection between the fisher, product, and the consumer.