Chakipi Haiti – Guirlaine Simon, Field Officer


Thirty-year old Guirlaine Simon has a bachelor’s degree in accounting sciences and business management and has been with Chakipi for over a year. Guirlaine previously worked with Lee-Siane, the business’s general manager. Lee introduced her to Chakipi and got her interested in the idea of helping the women of her country realize their potential and help them become knowledgeable salespeople. She is the field officer for Port-au-Prince, responsible for sales and account receivables, cash management, field operations, and reporting.

“I take entrepreneur orders and collect cash payments. Cash collection can be stressful because I have to take the cash from the field to the office by taxi moto…on checkout day, entrepreneurs receive the products previously ordered. I confirm entrepreneur orders and prices and deliver the goods. At the end of the day I develop a report and submit it to the finance department.”

Guirlaine hopes that Chakipi becomes one of the best businesses in Haiti.

Most women need help understanding what a business is in this “machista”* country we live in…I love being in touch with the entrepreneurs and helping them grow financially.”


*An ideology where women are considered inferior to men and where men have an exaggerated sense of power