Chakipi Haiti – Lee-Siane Jeager, General Manager

Lee-Siane Jeager, a native Haitian, is the general manager for Chakipi Haiti. Lee is passionate about Haiti and helping the people of her country.

“In Haiti, people are always waiting for someone to give them something. I want to show the women that they can do it for themselves.”

Being the general manager of an inclusive distribution business in a country like Haiti is challenging and demands flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Lee’s role spans operational, financial, partnership, and network responsibilities. She works closely with Chakipi’s operations manager to make sure products are delivered in a timely manner; connects with her field team to discuss entrepreneur training, payments, and any challenges they may be encountering in the field; and negotiates regularly with suppliers. Currently, Lee is focused on implementing changes to the business’s credit management strategy in order to teach the entrepreneurs responsible financial habits and to ensure high repayment rates.

“The satisfaction of seeing the positive evolution of some of the entrepreneurs is one of the aspects I enjoy most. Some women go out of their way to understand what a business is. You [also] need to find out what your entrepreneur wants. I want to make sure these women feel like they belong to a community.”

Despite the challenges and cultural intricacies of operating a social business in Haiti, such as keeping the field team close to the localities in which they operate, Lee has big plans for Chakipi.

“I want to reach 90% of Haiti through the Chakipi network and help all of our entrepreneurs realize that Chakipi can work for them. The support and attitude of the central [CGEP] team has helped tremendously.”