Chakipi Haiti – Guirlande Joseph and Marie Yolande Celestin, Female Entrepreneurs


Guirlande Joseph, 42, and Marie Yolande Celestin, 50, both from the Jalousie community in Petionville, Haiti, have been entrepreneurs with Chakipi for nearly one year. They learned about the program through other Chakipi entrepreneurs and decided to join.

Marie Yolande: “From the moment I wake up, I tend to my business. I sell products from my home. I am grateful to be part of a business, for the credit opportunities that are available, and for having met other women in the program. I receive accounting training which I enjoy. I want to educate my children and finish building our house.”

Marie Yolande has three children who go to school and who depend on her financially. For her, Chakipi means opportunity, education for her children, and the hope of building a home for her family.

Guirlande: “I am grateful for the products, help, and support we obtain through Chakipi. It’s really difficult for me when sales are down. One of my biggest dreams is to become financially independent.” 

Guirlande’s sole source of income comes from her role with Chakipi. Not only has she learned valuable business skills, but she also has the flexibility of selling products from her own home. She affirms that spending time on what she considers her [Chakipi] business is one of her favorite parts of the day. Thanks to Chakipi, Guirlande is now able to buy products for her house and family and is closer to realizing her dream of becoming financially independent.