Acceso Training Center – Carlos Villa Zabaleta, Merchandising Student


“Once I get to Acceso Training Center I spend time with my classmates, I am the class representative so I know everyone and spend time with everyone equally. But in class, I am just 100 percent concentrated, I really like the classes.”

Carlos Villa Zabaleta is an 18-year-old student in the area of merchandising, noted by staff for possessing energy and confidence in what he does. “Carlos is full of dreams and expectations about things to come and being able to give what he can to his city and country.” He maintains diverse goals for the future which include using his new expertise in merchandising to work at a Toyota warehouse because he “loves cars,” and also becoming one of the great painters of Colombia to “show Cartagena and Colombia the beauty of art.”

Apart from the formal education classes at the Training Center, Carlos highlights his teacher’s motivational display as one of the most important components of the experience. This pushes students forward and makes them believe that they can truly accomplish great things. For Carlos, working in teams is also particularly rewarding.

“The moments that I enjoy the most are group assignments because we each have the opportunity to share our opinions, come to an agreement, and complete the best work possible.”

But Carlos’ love for interacting with and helping others isn’t just limited to the Acceso Training Center – he strives to assist his family as well. One of Carlos’ main goals is to provide his parents with a better place to live.  He also wants to make his father proud through all of the things he has achieved, and all that he still hopes to accomplish.

“I feel really good at the Acceso Training Center, with the desire to finish this program and sign up for another one to keep shaping myself. Thank you for the opportunity that you have provided to us, the youth of Cartagena!”