Acceso Training Center – Wendy Jiménez Montalvo, Student (Hotel Server)


Determination and optimism have provided Wendy Jiménez Montalvo with the means to confront the various challenges faced in her life thus far. Wendy comes from a family of seven brothers and sisters and at the young age of 22, she is a single mother who must find a way to support her two children. Wendy’s uncompromising love for them is what motivates her to work hard every single day.

“To get something [before] I had to ask my husband for it, but now I don’t. Now with Acceso I am learning how I myself can achieve things- what my children need, I can achieve.”

Wendy heard about the Acceso Training Center through her sister-in-law who had recently attended an informational meeting. After further investigating potential opportunities, the two of them enrolled in the program to become hotel servers. But for Wendy, even arriving at school is an arduous and challenging process.

“My days are quite active,” describes Wendy. Yet this seems to be an understatement.

She awakes at 5:00 a.m. each morning to tend to her children, feed them breakfast, and get them ready for the day. Wendy leaves promptly at 6:20 a.m. to take the children to her mother’s house, who then drops them off at preschool while Wendy attends class. When finally leaving the training center at noon, Wendy promptly collects her children, provides them with lunch, and for the rest of the day, tends to her side business offering mangos, juices, and phone services.

Wendy is extremely grateful for the opportunity with Acceso and particularly how it has changed her way of thinking, but she is quick to emphasize that she is not stopping here.

“I sincerely aspire to keep working at the hotel where I will do my internships, and from this, obtain the resources to be able to pay for the rest of my first area of study, which was nursing. I started studying to be a medical assistant but because of lack of money, I couldn’t finish it.”

Apart from continuing her studies, Wendy dreams of simply having a decent house for her family. “The house that I have now is made of wood, without a floor… we have been repairing it, maintaining it, but I want my house to be of cement, to have a good home.”