Acceso Colombia – Nicolas Rodriguez, General Manager

Nicolas Rodriguez, the general manager for Acceso Colombia, is an entrepreneur at heart, having worked on the development of an agriculture family business prior to Acceso. He enjoys finding innovative and creative solutions to solve some of Colombia’s most complex challenges. He affirms that his role allows him to engage in creative ideation to eliminate some of the barriers impeding Colombians from being productive.

“Being in the field is enriching. Seeing people being productive is highly motivational. [Acceso] is a business that is constantly challenging you; it’s an opportunity to demonstrate that it’s possible to have a real impact.”

From conducting detailed reviews of orders set for delivery to prospecting relationships with partners and buyers, Nicolas is intimately involved in the operation of a business that works with fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood, and spans three diverse and logistically complex regions of Colombia. He strives to make sure that superior standards are upheld, from production, aggregation, and processing to the successful sale of high-quality produce to buyers.

“There are a lot of steps before the product is delivered to the buyer and making sure everything runs smoothly is a huge challenge. However, it gives me and my team the opportunity to break paradigms and demonstrate that there are alternative ways to have both social and economic impact. I love taking on and eliminating big challenges.”

While dynamism and creative problem solving characterize his work, Nicolas also admits to some important challenges. “Communication is key. There are a lot of risks, ranging from the weather to logistics and transportation, therefore spending time in the field and being in constant communication with all of my team is key.”

Nicolas has a very positive outlook for the business. “Acceso has immense economic and social potential. To realize that potential, we need to focus on standardizing our model in order to generate trust and to be able to quickly expand. We continue learning and adapting every day and have steered the business in the right direction. For Colombia, especially now, our model is an important alternative option for producers and their families. “