Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation – Roody Altidort, Field Manager


Roody Altidort is a field manager for Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation (“Acceso”) in the Central Plateau in Haiti. Prior to working for Acceso, Roody was a teacher and also worked for the nonprofit TechnoServe in its “Haiti Hope” mango program.

From visiting Acceso’s aggregation depots* and overseeing the work of depot managers to transporting products between depots to training farmers, Roody’s role involves careful planning and coordination with other local staff. The motivation of the entire Acceso local team to reach a common objective of empowering local farmers is one of the reasons why Roody enjoys his job.

“I don’t count the hours I work each week… it depends on what is needed [to make sure the operation runs smoothly]. Being a field manager gives me the flexibility to manage my own schedule and plan my activities. Things change often and we must be prepared with new strategies, or else we risk not achieving our objective.”

Roody admits that there are challenges such as recruiting farmers and that he has less time for personal activities relative to his last job, but is dedicated to doing whatever he can to make sure the business runs smoothly.

He has now been with Acceso for two years, since the business’ incorporation in early 2014. He firmly believes that Acceso can become the largest business in Haiti. He is entrepreneurial, ambitious, and self-determined. He also dreams about traveling the world, helping to bring the Acceso model to other countries.

*Each aggregation depot is supervised by a local depot manager and optimized to serve 200 to 400 farmers within a five-kilometer radius, manage all disbursements of credit, seed and other supplies to farmers, purchase farmers’ peanuts immediately following harvest at market-competitive prices, and conduct Aflatoxin testing.