Chakipi Colombia – Carlos Vélez, Operations Officer


From the time that Carlos Vélez heard about an opening with Chakipi, he was enthusiastic about joining the team. He had always wanted to work on social initiatives that would contribute to the development of Colombia. That, paired with the empowerment of women, sealed that decision.

“For me, being part of Chakipi means being part of a team that seeks to change my country and the world… I have observed that Chakipi has helped the entrepreneurs by giving them a better life, by giving them the opportunity to have time with their families, by having an additional income in their homes that allows them to dream and fulfill their dreams.” 

Carlos’ responsibilities range from negotiating product prices with the suppliers to ensure prices are competitive for entrepreneurs and for Chakipi, consolidating entrepreneur orders, planning product deliveries, and conducting inventory counts. He also has meetings with fellow staff where they identify lessons learned and best practices for future entrepreneur order cycles.

“I enjoy the challenges I have every day… The growth and the achievements we have had give me satisfaction. I like how dynamic my work is, to know that we started [the business] from scratch and are impacting different communities. One of the difficult aspects of my job is meeting the requirements of entrepreneurs. For obvious reasons, they will always want better prices, but the challenge is to find a good balance and to sow in them the seeds of entrepreneurship.”

Carlos’ dream for Chakipi is that it continues to grow in order to impact the lives of more women around the world, but especially in Colombia. His personal career goals are to continue growing professionally, to complete a master’s program and apply his learnings to Chakipi, and to share best practices with other Chakipi businesses around the world.

“Chakipi has not only changed the lives of the entrepreneurs, but for me and, I believe, for the team it has been a “university”. It was a “baby” that we created and raised together throughout 2016 and today we see that it continues to grow. Chakipi has a great future given the effort and dedication of each [team member].”