Chakipi Colombia – Adenaida Iriarte, Entrepreneur


“Chakipi means an income and support for my family. I can buy the things that I need and that I couldn’t buy before joining the program such as personal care items.  In general, I do well. I enjoy the meetings with the other entrepreneurs. I’ve made a lot of new friends who also help me out. I sell my products door-to-door in my community and give my sister-in-law, who lives far away, a small quantity for her to sell.”

These are the words of Adenaida Iriarte, a forty-seven-year-old woman from Maria La Baja, a community near Cartagena, Colombia. Adenaida’s husband died and she now lives with eight family members, including her five children who are all over sixteen years old and don’t go to school.

In addition to being a Chakipi entrepreneur, Adenaida also raises chickens and pigs, and works in the field growing corn, yucca, yam crops. “The field I work in is not easy to get to and I often worry about transportation. Sometimes a family member takes me to the field in their motorcycle.”  

Adenaida’s children also help tremendously around the house and with Chakipi.

“Since I don’t know how to read or write, my daughter helps me keep track of payments and orders. My sons and daughters also help me pick up the products on the day they are delivered. We live in front of the [Chakipi] meeting point [where entrepreneurs gather for training and to receive new deliveries of products].

“My dream is for my family to do well, and I hope to always have them near me.”