What if you knew that every day somewhere you could help a woman who had a simple dream?

What if you discovered that she was not alone and there were other courageous women like her whose potential was waiting to be released?  Wouldn’t you want to accompany them in pursuit of their dreams?

That’s how the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership began the Chakipi Acceso Distribution Enterprise model (Chakipi ~ meaning “to your home” in Quechua a Native American language family spoken primarily in the Andes region of South America.

The Challenge

There are countless women in developing countries, many who are single heads of households, who are unable to find meaningful opportunities for generating income that will also allow them to raise their families. In parallel, last-mile distribution is often a key challenge for companies throughout the world in reaching low-income and rural populations in developing and emerging economies. A high degree of poverty often exists in rural areas due to the challenging terrain, scattered populations, and lack of infrastructure, which undermine opportunities for viable economic activity. As a result, these rural communities often have little or no access to basic everyday staples.

The Opportunity

The opportunity is to close this market gap for last-mile distribution by empowering and enabling unemployed and underemployed women in these communities to create a door-to-door distribution network. We take an innovative approach to our Distribution Enterprise model and methods which are developed from a bottom-up approach. We partner with local community leaders and prospective entrepreneurs to gather data, collect insights into local communities, and verify consumer buying habits to determine the best assortment of products to sell to low-income communities. We bring products to remote collection points where the “Chakipi Women” can meet and individually select those goods most suited to their communities, empowering their entrepreneurial spirit. We will engage with thousands of disadvantaged women in rural communities to provide them with opportunities to earn an income while developing new business skills.

The Solution

We provide a business opportunity for corporations such as Nestlé and Claro, as they are able to supply the base of the pyramid markets with their products.

We offer an investment opportunity for social investors who have a patient capital approach to impact investing. Donors can sponsor skills training, purchase much needed products, supplies or uniforms for the “Chakipi Women”, or make a direct investment in our warehouses or delivery vehicles that will help scale Chakipi’s social impact.  We have begun this distribution venture in Peru and Haiti and look to replicate this last mile distribution business in other developing countries.



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