We employ a patient capital approach to our investments while achieving a targeted social impact.

What is Impact Investing?

By definition, “impact investing” is any investment activity that purposefully generates measurable public benefit, while significantly contributing to poverty alleviation, social growth, and economic development at scale.  Impact investments function like any other investment. However, they have one added component – impact.

We look to engage with corporations, individuals, and other NGOs to leverage significant capital and expertise to address the most pressing challenges in various value chains in developing and emerging markets.

We have found that there is a market-driven demand for many products and services that exist in every country, and especially in countries that have growing agriculture and hospitality industries. These specific value chains are particularly suitable for creating enterprises. These have potential for exponential growth, but are often challenged to secure supply from local communities where there are large numbers of low-income residents and a highly fragmented producer base.